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10 Ways Coffee Can Be Good For Your Health By Phil Mutz

10 Ways Coffee Can Be Good For Your Health By Phil Mutz


What could be better than kicking off the day with a delicious, fresh-brewed cup of joe?

According to Gallup’s polling, “Sixty-four percent of U.S. adults report drinking at least one cup of coffee on an average day.” Even more than that? “A quarter say they’re addicted.”

This high number of coffee drinkers may not come as a surprise. But it might be surprising to hear that drinking coffee can actually be beneficial to your health!

As with anything, moderation is key, and there is definitely such a thing as drinking too much coffee. However, those who enjoy coffee in healthy quantities can rest assured that they are actually doing something good for their bodies.

Some of these health benefits truly shocked me — who knew that coffee could be helpful in fighting type 2 diabetes or even certain types of cancer?

Scroll through this exclusive list below to see five ways you can use coffee to fight off some truly serious health conditions and five ways you can use it to benefit your day-to-day health.

Are you a coffee drinker? Does this affect the way you think about coffee? Let us know in the comments!
5 Health Conditions Coffee Keeps At Bay
Condition #1: Liver Cirrhosis
health benefits of coffee
Maya Borenstein for LittleThings
While coffee is not meant as a cure for liver cirrhosis or a way to counteract the overconsumption of alcohol, it can have positive effects on the liver and keep this terrible condition at bay.

According to CNN, “Drinking just two more cups of coffee every day may lower the risk of developing the liver condition by 44 percent.”

So for those worried about their livers, a cup of coffee instead of a drink of alcohol may be just what the doctor ordered!

Condition #2: Type 2 Diabetes
health benefits of coffee
Maya Borenstein for LittleThings
Diabetes is a serious condition that should always be addressed with the help of medical professionals. However, coffee may be one small way of preventing type 2 diabetes.

In fact, WebMD writes, “Several studies have found that coffee drinkers — especially those who drink a lot of coffee — have a lower risk of diabetes than do other people.”

And while some have said that caffeine is the key ingredient in battling diabetes, studies have shown that it is not caffeine, but coffee specifically that creates the positive effect.

Condition #3: Heart Disease
health benefits of coffee
Maya Borenstein for LittleThings
While the effects of caffeine on the heart are still being studied, and while you should always listen to your doctor when it comes to heart health, coffee may actually be helpful in staving off deadly heart disease.

In a Tech Times article entitled “Drinking Coffee Everyday Linked To Reduced Death Risk From Heart Disease,” they discuss a study in which researchers wrote, “Regular consumption of coffee was inversely associated with risk of… mortality due to CVD [cardiovascular disease].”

So those concerned about heart health just might want to turn to that extra cup of coffee.
Condition #4: Cancer
health benefits of coffee
Maya Borenstein for LittleThings
While studies are still ongoing, many have shown that coffee contains plenty of antioxidants that can be helpful in the fight against cancer.

In fact, the American Institute for Cancer Research writes, “Research has shown that certain foods — like coffee — can help fight cancer.”

Obviously, coffee should never be used as any kind of “cure.” However, those who drink coffee regularly may gain the added side effect of keeping certain types of cancer away.

Condition #5: Parkinson’s And Alzheimer’s
health benefits of coffee
Maya Borenstein for LittleThings
In addition to boosting normal brain power, coffee is said to also be helpful in potentially preventing Alzheimer’s disease and fighting symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

According to CBS News, “New research shows drinking about three cups of coffee each day might stave off Alzheimer’s for older adults experiencing memory declines.”

They also report, “New research finds a daily caffeine boost may ease symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in sufferers.”

These studies may be very good news for those at risk of either disease!

5 Health Benefits Of Coffee
Benefit #1: Eliminates Fat
health benefits of coffee
Maya Borenstein for LittleThings
The caffeine in coffee can actually be beneficial when it comes to weight loss, as it can increase metabolism, help with workouts, and suppress your appetite for unhealthy foods.

Dietitian Kathy Taylor tells fitness expert Jillian Michaels, “Some studies have shown that drinking coffee with caffeine may slightly increase weight loss or in actually prevent weight gain.”

However, one important thing to remember is that milk and sugar can actually create fat, so coffee needs to be served black in order to reap this benefit.
Benefit #2: Improves Brain Power
health benefits of coffee
Maya Borenstein for LittleThings
Recent studies have shown that coffee may actually help improve your critical thinking skills and your memory.

Harvard Medical School writes, “The caffeine in coffee might offer not just a momentary mental boost, but also longer-term effects on thinking skills.”

However, they also write that similarly to burning fat, “adding lots of sugar or cream, or getting caffeine via sugar-sweetened soda, may counter any benefits.”

Benefit #3: Lowers Pain Levels
health benefits of coffee
Maya Borenstein for LittleThings
For those suffering from chronic pain, coffee might be able to have a positive overall effect.

According to Reader’s Digest, coffee is an anti-inflammatory food that can help provide pain relief throughout the body.

They write, “One cup of black coffee can provide relief from headaches and provide more antioxidants than a serving of berries.”

Benefit #4: Boosts Adrenaline
health benefits of coffee
Maya Borenstein for LittleThings
The caffeine in coffee may actually be having a positive effect on your adrenal system, which helps in staying active and physically fit.

Nutrition researcher Kris Gunnars writes, “Caffeine can increase adrenaline levels… It also leads to significant improvements in physical performance.”

Benefit #5: Aids Digestion
health benefits of coffee
Maya Borenstein for LittleThings
Most coffee drinkers know that a cup or two a day can help them to stay “regular.”

And while drinking too much coffee can lead to heartburn or possible dehydration, consuming coffee in moderation can have a healthy impact on your digestive system.

According to Livestrong, “Coffee can be beneficial for digestion, as it relieves constipation and minimizes sugar absorption.”
Being aware of what you put in your body is extremely important to maintaining your overall health. And with so many potential health benefits coming from coffee, it may be time to start including a cup or two in your diet!

As with everything, make sure to check with your doctor to see if coffee might be able to have a positive effect on your health.

Are you a coffee drinker? Have you experienced any of these positive effects before? Let us know in the comments.

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Prioritas Hidup

Seorang profesor berdiri di dpn kelas filsafat.

Saat kelas dimulai, ia mengambil toples kosong dan mengisi dgn bola2 golf.

Kemudian bertanya kpd para mahasiswa, apakah toples sdh penuh…… ?

Mereka setuju !!!

Kemudian ia menuangkan batu koral ke dlm toples, mengguncang dgn ringan. Batu2 koral mengisi tempat yg kosong di antara bola2 golf.

Kemudian ia bertanya kpd mahasiswanya, apakah toples sdh penuh ?

Mereka setuju !!!

Selanjutnya ia menabur pasir ke dlm toples …

Tentu saja pasir menutupi semuanya.

Profesor sekali lagi bertanya apakah toples sdh penuh..?

mahasiswa menjawab, “Ya Prof”…!!

Kemudian ia menuangkan dua cangkir kopi ke dlm toples, dan secara efektif mengisi ruangan kosong di antara pasir. Para mahasiswa tertawa….

“Sekarang.. saya ingin kalian memahami bahwa toples ini mewakili kehidupanmu. ”


“Bola2 golf adalah hal yg penting : Tuhan, keluarga, anak2, kesehatan.

“Jika yg lain hilang dan hanya tinggal mrk, maka hidupmu msh ttp penuh.”

“Batu2 koral adalah hal2 lain, spt pekerjaanmu, rumah dan mobil.”

“Pasir adalah hal2 yg sepele.”

“Jika kalian pertama kali memasukkan pasir ke dlm toples, maka tdk akan tersisa ruangan utk batu2 koral ataupun utk bola2 golf..

Hal yg sama akan terjadi dlm hidupmu.”

“Jika kalian menghabiskan energi utk hal2 yg sepele, kalian tdk akan mempunyai ruang utk hal2 yg penting buat kalian.”

“Jadi Beri perhatian pd hal2 yg penting utk kebahagiaanmu.

“mulai hari dengan doa pd Tuhanmu”

“Bermainlah dgn anak2mu.”

“Bercengkeramalah dg pasanganmu”

“Berbagilah dg kedua orang tuamu”

“Luangkan wkt utk check up kesehatan.”

“Berikan perhatian terlebih dahulu kpd bola2 golf.

Hal2 yg benar2 penting.


Atur prioritasmu.

Baru yg terakhir, urus pasirnya.


Seorang mahasiswa mengangkat tangan dan bertanya, “Kopi mewakili apa, Prof?”

Profesor tersenyum, “Saya senang kamu bertanya.”

“Itu utk menunjukkan kpd kalian, sekalipun hidupmu tampak sdh sangat penuh, tetap selalu tersedia tempat utk secangkir kopi bersama teman…???salam ?



Kesetiaan seorang suami diuji saat berada di titik tertinggi dlm kehidupannya (puncak kesuksesannya) dan kesetiaan seorang istri diuji saat suaminya berada di titik terendah dalam kehidupannya.”

Faktanya adalah kebanyakan istri merasa dirinya setia ketika suaminya berada di puncak kesuksesannya dan kebanyakan suami merasa dirinya setia saat berada di titik terendah dalam hidupnya.

Itu sebabnya ketika seorg istri yg memiliki suami sukses namun selingkuh akan menganggap suaminya tdk setia dan dirinya sangat setia.

Begitu juga ketika istri yang meninggalkan suaminya saat berada dititik terendah dalam hidupnya, suami akan merasa dirinya begitu setia dan istrinya tdk setia.

Istri-istri, janganlah bangga mengatakan diri anda setia saat berada di puncak keberhasilan suami anda, krn itu sama sekali tidak membuktikan anda setia, melainkan hanya perasaan nyaman krn terpenuhi semua keinginan anda.

Suami-suami, janganlah bangga mengatakan diri anda setia saat berada di titik terendah dalam hidup anda krn itu tdk membuktikan anda setia, melainkan hanya kebutuhan untuk penghiburan diri anda saat menjalani kesulitan.

Istri-istri, ingatlah ketika suami anda berada di titik terrendah dalam hidupnya, itu berarti Tuhan sedang menguji anda dan mempersiapkan anda untuk menuju ke titik tertinggi dalam kehidupan suami anda, jadi berbahagialah dan tetaplah setia.

Suami-suami, ingatlah ketika anda mencapai titik tertinggi dalam hidup anda, itu berarti Tuhan sedang menguji anda untuk selalu mengingat istri anda yang tetap setia mendampingi anda saat anda berada di titik terendah dalam hidup anda, jadi berbahagialah dan tetaplah setia.

Bagaimana dengan pasangan yang biasa-biasa saja, tidak mencapai titik tertinggi maupun tidak terendah dalam hidup suaminya? Mungkin itu karena Tuhan tahu anda tidak akan sanggup menjalani ujian kesetiaan dalam hidup anda, jadi berbahagialah karena Tuhan memelihara anda dalam kesetiaan.Selamat pagi tetap semangat beraktifitas.  JBU

Kopi di Dinding

KOPI di DINDING – Venesia (Italia)

(Kelas Cinta Leo F Buscaglia dalam praktek)


Sepasang wisatawan asyik menikmati kopi di sebuah kafe terkenal di Venesia, Italia. Tak lama kemudian, datanglah seorang pria paruh baya, duduk di salah satu meja kosong. Ia memanggil pramusaji dan memesan,“Kopi dua cangkir. Yang satu untuk di dinding”.

Wisatawan merasa heran mendengar kalimat tersebut. Apalagi sang pria kemudian hanya disuguhi satu cangkir kopi, namun ia membayar untuk dua cangkir.

Segera setelah pria tersebut pergi, si pramusaji menempelkan selembar kertas kecil bertuliskan “Segelas Kopi” di dinding kafe.

Suasana kafe kembali hening. Tak lama kemudian masuklah dua orang pria. Kedua pria tersebut pesan 3 cangkir kopi. Dua cangkir di meja, satu lagi untuk di dinding. Mereka membayar tiga cangkir kopi sebelum pergi.

Lagi-lagi setelah itu pramusaji melakukan hal yang sama, menempelkan kertas bertulis “Segelas Kopi” di dinding.

Pemandangan aneh di kafe sore itu membuat wisatawan heran. Mereka meninggalkan kafe dengan menyimpan pertanyaan atas kejadian ganjil yang disaksikannya, namun tidak sempat mengajukan pertanyaan, apa maksud kopi di dinding.

Minggu berikutnya, mereka mampir kembali di kafe yang sama. Mereka melihat, seseorang lelaki tua masuk ke dalam kafe. Pakaiannya kumal dan kotor. Setelah duduk ia melihat ke dinding dan berkata kepada pelayan, “Satu cangkir kopi dari dinding”.

Pramusaji segera menyuguhkan segelas kopi. Setelah menghabiskan kopinya, lelaki lusuh tadi lantas pergi tanpa membayar. Tampak si pramusaji menarik satu lembar kertas dari dinding tersebut lalu membuangnya ke tempat sampah.

Pertanyaan wisatawan itu terjawab sudah. Begini rupanya cara penduduk kota ini menolong sesamanya yang kurang beruntung dengan tetap  menaruh respek kepada orang yang ditolongnya. Kaum papa bisa menikmati secangkir kopi tanpa perlu merendahkan harga diri untuk mengemis secangkir kopi. Bahkan mereka pun tidak perlu tahu siapa yang “mentraktirnya”. Suatu tatanan hidup bermasyarakat yang amat menyentuh, dan mengharukan.

Dr. Leo Buscaglia, guru besar yang meyakini bahwa kita tidak bisa hidup lebih baik tanpa memberi dan menerima cinta, perhatian, dan bantuan dari orang lain. “Terlalu sering kita meremehkan kekuatan sebuah sentuhan, sekilas senyuman, sebuah kata, mendengar keluhan orang lain, pujian tulus, atau tindakan kecil membantu orang lain, yang semua itu punya kekuatan untuk mengubah kehidupan,” kata Buscaglia. Dia menulis beberapa buku. Salah satunya, adalah buku yang bercerita tentang “kelas cinta”, sebuah kelas di ruang terbuka (halaman rumput) di kampus nya yang mengajak para mahasiswa nya untuk membahas masalah-masalah kehidupan yang dapat diselesaikan dengan “cinta” atau “kasih”.

Secangkir kopi di dinding adalah wujud cinta yang ikhlas kepada kaum papa, tanpa menyikapi kaum papa dengan cara arogan: aku memberi kepadamu.

Tidak penting seberapa banyak kita sudah memberi. Lebih penting adalah bagaimana kita memberi.